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Anne Marie Sampson

Ann Marie Sampson

Ann Marie Sampson is a lawyer by trade but a writer by natural design. After many years of traveling from coast to cost for legal cases, she wanted others to experience the city life she knows in New York, Washington, DC, and New Orleans. She received her law degree from Florida State and her undergraduate degree from Tulane University.

She can often be seen amongst the sky scrapers and lush city parks of New York City writing on her laptop and sipping on coffee. Watching the fashionable people around her and developing her plots and characters. She has two cats who keep her company and often make their way into her writing.

New April of 2019 Release

Escape to Bali

Written by our newest author, Anne Marie Sampson.       

After traveling from New York City to Bali with a rich business man who kicks her out of the hotel, what will Alex do?

Working herself to death in New York City, Alexandra needed an escape from life, and that was precisely what her handsome client offered in a trip to Bali. However, when he demanded more than just her company, she discovered herself stuck in paradise with no way home.

At the Christian mission by the Monkey Forest, she found not just a temporary place to lay her head at night but a calling. She would repay their kindness and keep the mission open, even if it brings her toe-to-toe, with Jonathan the terse and frustrating pastor.

However, her heart is changed more than she counted on as they work side by side, and the more she cares for him, the more his aloofness stings. It’s up to her to show him that their chemistry isn’t just a trick, and neither of them should stay stuck in the pain of their pasts, now that they have each other.

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New 2019 Release

Crush on the Shy Guy (A Second Chance Romance): City Girl in a Small Town Clean Romance

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Is he just not into her or is he shy?

After a devastating break-up, Karrie Hudson, a writer from NYC, wasn’t exactly looking for love when she joined the writers club in a small town. This writer of strong-female, self-help books wanted to stop spending so much time working alone and meet fellow authors and make friends.

She just wanted to write, socialize, and bounce some ideas around. But once she was there, she knew she was in trouble. 

Despite signing a document stating that she was not there to use the club as a dating service, she found herself torn between two men, Kenner and Thomas. Both were filled with good qualities, from their handsome good-looks to their writing ability, but Karrie only wanted one of them.

Karrie knew quickly which man she would rather be with. And, of course, it wasn’t the one who acted like he wanted her the most. Karrie must decide before she spends too much time with one of them and the other one makes the decision for her.

Should Karrie choose the man who seems to care more for her? Or pursue the one she really wants?